About Echo4

Who's behind Echo4?

Van Shumake is the driving force behind Echo4 Design. He has more than 6 years of design experience, with clients ranging from family to home business owners, entrepreneurs to athletes, Facebook friends to military veterans, strangers to, ahhh, you get the idea. Creative and mechanically inclined since childhood, Van majored in Business Management, as well as a strong focus on Graphic Design. Much of his design skills have been self taught, Van is always learning new methods and ideas within the design medium, that can continue to make clients happy about the final product. Van sharpened his skills in branding & logo design, while taking the lead on some projects when he & 2 friends created Pixel Assault in 2010, then decided to focus on his own endeavors & niching down, with Echo4 Design in 2015. He now enjoys the freedom to balance the demands of family with those of his clients, and the lasting relationships he has built with so many of those clients over the years.  

What does Echo4 offer?

Traditional Screen Printing Services  Screen printing done the old fashioned way, but using modern environment friendly chemicals and plastisol inks. 

Custom Graphic Design  Do you need a custom one off work of art and not clip art? We can help you turn your vision into a reality. 

CMYK Four Process Printing  We can print full color images, vector art, or photographs using the CYMK four color process. It’s a cost effective solution if your design uses many colors and gradients. 

Poster Printing  Do you need posters for an upcoming event or gig? Are you an artist and need prints for your gallery? We offer poster printing using environment friendly water based poster inks. Get that custom vintage look you want with bright inks on dark and thick paper stocks! 

Water Based Printing  Water based printing is an environment friendly solution using air dry inks that have a soft-hand feel. 

Discharge Printing  This printing process uses a special ink to remove the dye from the cotton fabric to restore it back to the original color once heat cured. It’s the best solution if you’re looking for a light print on a dark garment with a soft-hand feel. 

Blueprint for success

A constant inner drive to always create unique, memorable and impactful design solutions that deliver the message clearly 

The ability to dial in on a strong creative idea or concept behind the design while always maintaining the client’s vision 

Experience, proficiency and expertise in the graphics industry and the latest technology in all areas, from design to production 

Unsurpassed task agility to turn jobs around quickly to meet tight deadlines, while maintaining a premium level of quality